Art Of Fur Academy
3805 Utah Street
Art of Fur is a Full Service Dog Grooming Salon and Academy in San Diego, CA 92104. Specializing in Creative and Traditional Pet Grooming. Under the tutelage of Kathleen Sepulveda and other industry experts from around the world! Join us and learn to groom from the best!

Located in the heart of North Park, a neighborhood located in San Diego, California known for its Artistry and Micro Brews, pops a very unique pet grooming salon called Art Of Fur. This Salon not only does the Traditional approach to Pet Grooming they also do the latest trends including Creative Grooming; which add a little color to your pups, Asian or Japanese Style; which turns your pup into the cutest Anime creature you have ever seen or Pampered Pooch; which will give your pup a treatment like you have always wanted, nails, hair color, even a zen room with massage!! This Salon has it all but they don’t stop there. Located inside Art Of Fur Academy they also teach the mastery of Pet Grooming and are known to give back to the Local Dog Rescues and contribute Community Charity Events. Under the tutelage of world famous groomer and judge, Kathleen Sepulveda (known from Season 1 Groomer Has It or multiple episodes of Dogs 101 on Animal Planet!) and Management of local business man, Brent Smithson (known for recent management of Lips Restaurant and his community contributions), they are going to add Pet Destination to the list of North Park attributes! Open Tuesday through Sunday from 9am to 5pm you can book appointments by calling 619-452-2366×4 or online at
619-452-2366 Ext: 4
San Diego